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Man, haven't updated here since June, 2010. Summary time!

1. I ended up not going to DU. Between a car accident (got T-boned by a hit and run when I didn't have collision) and general financial woes, I simply couldn't afford it. They offered a 25k/yr scholarship, but that still left 30k/yr in loans that I wasn't able to find financing for.

2. After Cirque, I got a job in QA for a game testing facility here in Portland, working on the web testing team (so, while the rest of the company was testing games, we were testing websites for games). Got promoted after a few months, due up for another promotion "real soon now."

3. Still with Jessica. It'll basically be 4 years in May. Had a really good poly relationship with a dear friend for a few months, before she moved away for grad school. We're still close, and Jessica and I are still together, so I guess I managed to not fuck this one up.

4. I've applied to grad school again. This time, the Ph.D in Human Centered Computing at GA Tech, and the MS in Digital Media at GA Tech. Significantly less expensive, significantly more likely to get funding, one of the best programs in the country... yeah, it'd be good. They're processing applications now, but hopefully I'll know in the next month or two.

5. New website. I've stopped updating http://nadreck.criticalgames.com, and started fresh with http://nadreck.me. This new site aggregates my tweets and archives them, and also re-broadcasts out to Facebook. I'm working on getting Google+ integration as well, but they've apparently still not added a "write" function to their API, so there's no way to post to G+ from an external source.

Ehh, that's about it. There's more if I stop to think about it, but those are the things I feel like sharing. How is everyone else doing?
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So far, 2010 has involved:
1) Taking the GREs (I did well, not stellar, but well enough that some very good schools have been sending me spam to go to their graduate programs);
2) Applying to grad school;
3) Working for the circus (Cirque Du Soleil's "Kooza" while it was here in town);
4) Getting into grad school. I'll be attending University of Denver's Digital Media Studies program this fall.

Still dating Jessica, things have been going well, and we'll see how we decide to handle me moving to Denver in a few months. :)
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Empire Magazine has revealed its list of the 50 Greatest TV Shows ever.
1. Bold the shows you watch/used to watch.
2. Italicize the shows you've seen at least one episode of.
3. Underline the shows you own on DVD (at least one season). (I am also counting things I "own" via torrenting.)
4. Post your answers.

Cut for length, 50 lines below.Collapse )
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The title says it all. Happy birthday, Mom! Wish I was there to enjoy it with you, but I hope it rocks nonetheless!
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MarchFourth is coming to the east coast!Collapse )
www. myspace. com/marchfourthmarchingband
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Job hunting, as I'm sure we can all agree, sucks. Especially in industries where more often than not, it's not JUST about your abilities, but who you know. With that in mind, if anyone knows ANYONE in the software or gaming industries who could use a damned capable tester (or, heaven forfend, an associate producer/assistant project manager), ANYWHERE, please pass my name along/introduce me/let me know? While yes, I adore the Pacific Northwest (and Portland in particular), my priority at this point is a JOB.

Thanks :)

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So, a stack of friends from on the online are in Seattle this weekend for PAX. They've been poking me to come up and come along, but hey, money's tight, so I made a compromise with them: I'd contact my friend Robert, who is the business guru for Penny Arcade, and see if he could get me a free pass. (This isn't ENTIRELY mooching, as he offered back when PAX and UberCon went their separate ways, and I never was in a position to take him up on the offer.)

Haven't heard back from Rob yet, and it's the night before the event, so the likelihood of hearing from him is fast approaching zero. So... sorry peeps! Wish I could, but I would have been spending enough money earmarked for other things just to get there, that I just can't justify it AND a $50 pass. Maybe next year. :/
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What a quirky little song.Collapse )

-- Herman Dune, "I Wish That I Could See You Soon"
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